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Patient Budget Consultation Solutions for A Way To Pay

Let's face it.  If patients didn't have financial resource obstacles, closing sales and achieving profits would not be the slightest challenge for practices. 

The issues would be around accommodating the volume of patients trying to get in for procedures. 

The reality is that a considerable percentage of patients, perhaps 50% or greater in some demographics, do not have the sufficient financial resources to invest in their aesthetics procedures. 

The accompanying reality is most practices do not have a system in place for Patient Budget Consultation Solutions for A Way to Pay.  This means lower than acceptable closing ratios upon consultation, fewer upsells and of the sales made most are lower ticket with high consumables, leaving very little revenue and often no profits.  

Patient Budget Consultation Solutions for A Way to Pay is a training program but also a business system that has been developed and refined and proven to address the patient's financial obstacles. 

This boutique patient experience is a systematic program begins as early as the first patient engagement, follows the face to face consultation and is the system in place through the close of the sale, when the payment is processed.    

Patient Budget Consultation Solutions for A Way to Pay is a six week training and system integrations program that includes:

  • Comprehensive assessment of the current process for closing sales 

  • Review of current methods to receive payment

  • Executive Assessment with Processing Data Analysis and Report 
  • Workflow Assessment for System Integration Plan

  • Training on the Patient Budget Consultation Solutions for A Way to Pay Methodology

  • Training Reference Tools

  • Standard Operating Procedure for the System Customized

  • Written Financial Policy Customized

  • Coaching and Training Support As Needed

  • Weekly Review of  Integration Progress 

  • Data Review for Closing Ratios, Average Ticket and Upsell Ratios

  • Support for 30 Days after Completion

  • 45 Day Followup Training and Consulting Call

Start, progress and completions dates with goals will be established during the assessment phase. 

Integration and training will be coordinated with the practice workflow accordingly.

The goal upon purchase of the Budget Consultation Solutions for A Way to Pay is to begin achieving more higher ticket sales immediately.