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Increase Body Contouring Treatment Sales with More Profits

Achieving success in the business of body contouring can be a challenge for most practices.  But not yours when you use this program!

Fast Track Comeback from COVID Goals!

Starting at $5K A Day in Body Contouring Sales!

If you are like most practices in the business of body contouring, you are investing a lot of money, then investing more money in equipment, consumables, marketing, lead management and still not turning a profit. 

There are many considerations that must be addressed in the marketing, sales and service model including the following to name a few:

  • High ticket service per treatment

  • Treatment plan for multiple sessions is seldom a budget option for the patient

  • Visible results take several weeks and  buyer's remorse becomes an issue

  • Risks for refund request or cancellation of further treatments are extremely high


This $5K A Day in Body Contour Sales is program designed to accomplish the following:  

  • Increase closing ratios

  • Increase number of treatments per treatment plan

  • Increase call to consult ratios

  • Increase closing ratios

  • Increase higher ticket sales

  • Increase profitable revenue

  • Increase patient treatment satisfaction

  • Increase patient engagement with the treatment plan 

  • Increase word of mouth advertising through happy patients and great results!


  • Up to 10 Masterclass eLearning Unique User Logins for Learning in a Group

  • One Masterclass eLearning Unique User Login for Customized One on One Training

  • Complete Masterclass eLearning Course Access for 180 Days

  • A Way to Pay Clinical Sales Training

Capitalize on the season and get started with this program!  There will be a practice assessment but the first thing that will be addressed are the potential sales you have on the books so there are no missed opportunities.  

Within one business you will be contacted to set up a 30 minute phone assessment for results immediately.  Then we will delve in with the plan for the team training sessions that include consultation methodologies, the financial consultation and coaching to ask for the sale.